LUCAS-CIDE™ Salon & Spa Sanitizer & Disinfectant  (3.79L)

LUCAS-CIDE™ Salon & Spa Sanitizer & Disinfectant (3.79L) | WDIS9005

LUCAS-CIDE™ Salon & Spa Sanitizer & Disinfectant


  • Highest available germ-killing power of any competitive product in the industry, scientifically proven to kill 75 known pathogens
  • When properly mixed to 660 parts per million, it kills the broadest spectrum of disease-causing single cell organisms including staph, strep, hepatitis-B, hepatitis-C, herpes and HIV
  • Sanitize, disinfects and helps stop the spread of contagions on any surface or implement in your salon or spa including: nail implements, pedicure whirlpools, chairs, shears, brushes, combs, counters, styling tools, massage tables and showers.

It also has the lowest cost per use in the industry!

1 gallon of concentrate makes 256 gallons!

Case Quantity: 1

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