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The world is evolving. The way we teach must, too.
We’ve kept the best elements from our previous edition and added in content that will truly inspire tomorrow’s educators. From icebreakers to memes to fun, engaging activities, the reformatted text and better visuals throughout make the content easier to read and apply.

Improvements include:

  • Distance/hybrid learning programs and concepts
  • Competency-based learning objectives
  • In-depth hypothetical classroom situations
  • Bonus content via QR codes
  • Expanded “Spotlight on Success” feature
  • Inclusive methodology throughout the content
  • Available digitally on CIMA

CIMA Digital Learning Solution | TMED9781337786867


Take teaching, learning, and operations to the next level with CIMA for Cosmetology, 14th edition.

  • Robust self-service tools assist with reporting, time tracking, and compliance
  • Built-in, free instructor resources to make teaching easier
  • Automated grading saves time and provides instant feedback
  • Intuitive navigation makes teaching easy and learning fun and engaging
  • Accommodates all learning styles (through videos, interactive activities, virtual study groups, and so much more)
  • Click here to see it in action
  • Student Seat - 2 year access

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CIMA Exam Prep | TMED9780357920251

  • Student Seat - 2 year access
  • Evolution of our popular Online Licensing Prep tool that helped over 200,000+ students pass their licensing examinations

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TEXTBOOK | TMED9781337786836

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EXAM PREP | TMED9781337786874

  • Chapter-by-chapter multiple-choice questions
  • Includes answer key

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  • Lesson plans
  • Instructor Support Slides
  • Computerized test bank
  • On USB Key

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Student Resources

Instructor Resources

  • Transition Guide


    1. The Professional Educator
    2. Study and Testing Skills
    3. Learner Characteristics and Learning Principles
    4. Methods of Teaching and Learning
    5. Program Development and Lesson Planning
    6. Educational Aids and Technology
    7. Communicating Confidently
    8. Effective Presentations
    9. Classroom Management and Supervision
    10. Challenges to Learning
    11. Assessing Progress and Advising Students
    12. Success Strategies for Students
    13. The Student Salon
    14. Learning is a Laughing Matter
    15. Student Retention
    16. Teams at Work
    17. Employment Preparation and Business Fundamentals
    18. Evaluating Professional Performance