ISBN: 9781285769417

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1,152 pp., 8 ½" x 11", © 2016

Milady has evolved for over 85 years to become what it is today, the cornerstone of beauty and wellness education. We are very excited and proud to announce the latest edition of Milady Standard Cosmetology, the most commonly used resource in cosmetology education. For decades since our first textbook published, it has been our commitment to provide students with the foundation in the principles and skills needed to master the science and art of cosmetology, and with this latest version that commitment has not waivered. For the new edition, celebrity stylist Ted Gibson served as Creative Director on the project. The result is a brilliant new design with over 750 new photos and a gorgeous layout, providing a visually stunning resource to engage today's learner. We also recruited a team of twelve authors, made up of top professionals and educators in the industry, to provide the most current information on concepts and techniques. During our extensive peer review and development process, we were asked for a resource that placed emphasis on essential content needed for licensure success, and we feel confident that we delivered. Milady Standard Cosmetology will continue to be a source of education that students can count on, not only while in school, but throughout their careers.

  • Four new natural hair care, step-by-step procedures have been added, helping students establish a more versatile foundation of working with various hair types.
  • The Haircutting chapter has been reorganized into a more systematic approach, progressing from the foundational haircutting principles to more advanced techniques, assisting instructor and students alike.
  • Infection control content was thoroughly revised ensuring students follow the latest health and safety standards to protect themselves and their clients, as well as adhere to state and federal regulations.
  • The Makeup chapter has been updated, offering the essential information in applying basic makeup, as well as false eyelash application services for both strip eyelashes and individual eyelashes, allowing for additional education on these key services.
  • Digital resources, such as eBooks, are available separately, providing an innovative and user-friendly experience.
  • Learning objectives are listed at the start of each chapter, for ease of reference and to reinforce main competencies, and have been modified so each outcome can be measured by reading or practicing lesson content.
  • The end of chapter glossary includes phonetic pronunciations for difficult terms, as well as the page number where the key term is discussed, providing an effective resource for students to create flash cards or study for vocabulary quizzes.
  • Multiple left-handed procedures are included, providing a visual aid for left-handed students.
  • Provides a variety of features such as: Focus On, Did You Know?, Activity, Here's a Tip, Caution, State Regulatory Alert and Web Resources, that are interspersed throughout the text for additional learning and retention.
  • Co-Authored by 12 of the top professionals and educators in the industry: Jason Backe, Carlos Cintron, C. Jeanine Fulton, Diane DaCosta, Dr. Roychen Joseph, Mary Ann Kilgore, Dr. Mark Lees, Veronique Morrison, Aliesh Pierce, Alisha Rimando Botero, Leslie Roste and Ronald Williams.
  • Additional resources for topics such as Natural Hair Care, Braiding, Haircutting, Hair Coloring, Chemical Texture Services, Updos and Razor Cutting are available separately and can be seamlessly used in conjunction with the primary Standard Cosmetology textbook.


  • Detailed, interactive exercises
  • Reinforce learning
  • Increase student comprehension

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  • Detailed, interactive exercises
  • Reinforce learning
  • Increase student comprehension

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EXAM REVIEW | TCOC9781285769554

  • Chapter-by-chapter multiple – choice questions
  • Includes answer key

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  • Full-color
  • Crossword puzzles, games and activities

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  • Test critical thinking skills
  • Conflict resolution

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MINDTAP | TCOC9781305632028

  • A personalized learning experience
  • Fully customizable
  • Interactive eBook
  • Learning Path filled with activities and assessments
  • Digital Portfolio
  • Social Media Message Board
  • Reporting and tracking capabilities
  • Length of Access: 2 Years
  • Printed Access Card

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  • All content from Course Management Guide Binder
  • Computerized Test Bank

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  • PowerPoint™ Slides
  • Chapter-by-chapter outline of content

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  1. History and Career Opportunities
  2. Life Skills
  3. Your Professional Image
  4. Communicating for Success
  5. Infection Control: Principles and Practices
  6. General Anatomy and Physiology
  7. Skin Structure, Growth, and Nutrition

  8. Skin Disorders and Diseases 

  9. Nail Structure and Growth 

  10. Nail Disorders and Diseases
  11. Properties of the Hair and Scalp
  12. Basics of Chemistry

  13. Basics of Electricity

  14. Principles of Hair Design

  15. Scalp Care, Shampooing, and Conditioning

  16. Haircutting

  17. Hairstyling
  18. Braiding and Braid Extensions 

  19. Wigs and Hair Additions 

  20. Chemical Texture Services 

  21. Haircoloring 

  22. Hair Removal
  23. Facials

  24. Facial Makeup

  25. Manicuring 

  26. Pedicuring
  27. Nail Tips and Wraps
  28. Monomer Liquid and Polymer Powder Nail Enhancements

  29. Light Cured Gels

  30. Preparing for Licensure and Employment
  31. On the Job
  32. The Salon Business